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Animation as a Communication Tool

There’s a monster lurking in your plumbing! Learn more about how to keep this hidden threat from attacking your water supply.

Conference Posters

Water Insecurity = Risk Management Issue

A risk management proposal for the City of Atlanta, Georgia

Imagine trying to fight a fire without water. Imagine not having enough clean drinking water. These are issues that urban, diverse cities face on a regular basis. Check out what the City of Atlanta, Georgia has done to manage this risk, and my recommendations on how it can more effectively manage this risk in the future.

F4R™ and The City

A risk communication proposal for the City of Atlanta, Georgia

We all have roles as stewards of this limited resource to ensure that we have enough water to drink to sustain life. One important aspect of public education and outreach efforts is to increase water stewardship, and this can be done by using citizen science to actively engage community members in the process of gathering relevant data on their water supplies.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Learn more about my experiences conducting disaster research in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Phase two of this project was conducted in Puerto Rico.

Textual ETL™

Improving Risk Communication in Disaster Management

As a data + water nerd, I had an incredible opportunity to work with Bill Inmon, one of the fathers of data warehousing, on his new Textual ETL™ service to find out how the tool can be used in disaster science research and emergency management. Check out my findings

Public Engagement | Podcast Interviews

Sci & Tell Podcast Interview | Communicating Disaster

Learn more about how I actively incorporate the process of science communication, or #SciComm, into my research.

Third Pod from the Sun Podcast Interview | Special Release: Managing Emergencies in a Water World

I am fortunate to have been interviewed for various podcasts to discuss my socio-hydrology research. Check out my interview for the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Third Pod from the Sun podcast to learn more about how I discovered the field of socio-hydrology, and why my research is relevant to all of us.

Story Collider Event | American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) 2019 Fall Meeting

Listen to my story about my ties to New Orleans and how watching Hurricane Katrina from a distance ignited my interest in drinking water access.

EM (Emergency Management) Weekly

Check out my interview with EM Weekly on the intersection of emergency management and public health.

Stayin’ Alive in Technology

Fellow “tech gal” and colleague Melinda Byerley interviewed me to chat about how my life experiences led to my interest in using data science and visualizations to effectively communicate information.


SciComm | Science Communication

My college Itzel Marquez and I worked together to produce a #SciComm (science communication) workshop to help academic researchers to become more effective at sharing their work with diverse populations. Take a listen, and view the flyer for the event here.

Sharing Science + SciComm on the International Day of Disaster Reduction (IDDR) with the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

In this webinar, listen to me — Voices for Science Advocate Paula Buchanan — talk about #SciComm (science communication), the importance of public education and outreach, and what you can do for IDDR.

Articles and Interviews

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