Communicator, Lecturer, and Researcher

Paula R. Buchanan

About Me

I am a disaster scientist and emergency management researcher. My work lies at the intersection of public health, education, and communications.

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My Research

I focus on technology as a risk communication and messaging tool. I study public health, education, and outreach messaging about the availability and access to drinking water resources.

I seek to understand how technology influences the effectiveness of drinking water messaging in urban, marginalized, and minoritized communities.

I am passionate about public education and outreach efforts—and the risk communication messages that they should contain—to more effectively educate diverse populations drinking water and its supporting physical infrastructure, specifically that it is a limited resource that is required for all forms of life to exist.

As a socio-hydrologist, my research focuses on how people interact with drinking water systems, and human behavior’s impact on these systems that support the drinking water that we receive to sustain our lives.